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Additional services - what sets us apart from the competition


Which solution is the right one for your needs?
From the whole complex to specific details in feeding, genetics or husbandry, we are ready to support you with our expertise and international experience in dairy production. Animal health and comfort is the key to high productivity in your barn.


Are you planning a new construction or conversion of a dairy farm?

We will develop your project on the basis of the data you provide. Our specialists speak your language and will be at your side with advice and with help and advice.


The best technology or genetics cannot bring success if they are not operated and used correctly.

We offer comprehensive training for all product areas.

These trainings take place either individually on the farm, in the form of in the form of local seminars or in special courses in Germany at teaching and and testing institutes or at universities.

Example project planning for a customer in Uzbekistan

Design of new modern typical cow barns for dairy complexes

Today's livestock industry requires a serious professional approach in order to reduce the production costs of cattle and improve quality.
One of the most important prerequisites for achieving such results is a well designed animal husbandry.

At the design of livestock farms, the following factors are taken into account:

Determination of the number of animals.
The choice of barn type is based on the animal husbandry system - a tethered barn (up to 200 cows) or a loose barn (barns for 400, 600, 8000 and 1000 head).
The barn landing is determined on the basis of a topographical survey, taking into account the wind rose and technological solutions.

Selection of the material of the structures of which the barn is to be made - wood (KDK) or metal.

The choice of equipment.
At the dairy farm project stage, a manure removal system for the barn and milking equipment must be selected.
Based on the geological surveys submitted by the client, the type of foundation is determined and agreed. The advantage remains for bored piles as the
most economical and less labour-intensive.

When planning a barn, it is very important to anticipate a moment before building:

When designing a cow barn, we always take care of the living conditions of the staff (setting up a day room, shower rooms, living rooms, changing rooms).

Our company produces complexes for cattle using the technology of prefabricated metal constructions made of high quality material - this is the best option for saving construction time and optimising and optimise financial costs.
The construction of metal structures leads to a reduction in the capital cost of construction and a construction and a reduction in the overall project implementation schedule, so that the customer the customer can start up the plant as soon as possible and pay back the and repay the invested funds accordingly.

The Main advantages of prefabricated complexes for livestock farming:

The of such buildings is determined by the simple installation, the high high construction speed and the construction accuracy.

30% Savings in the construction of facilities for cattle using the technology of prefabricated constructions compared to the construction of buildings from materials intended for capital construction.